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Mobile Hair Stylists


Hair extensions are an amazing way to add not only length but also volume and thickness to your locks.

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Tape extensions

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Extension Types

There are 10 pieces in a pack which creates 5 sandwiches or singles , it takes 3-4 packs for a full head application with a 6 weeks average life span before needing to re-tape.

These come in 20” only.

Slim line (per pack)


Skin weft (per pack)


Application Costs

Approx $100-150 per hour including cutting the hair in and styling.

Removal Costs

$20 per pack to remove

$35 per pack to re-tape (this is the re-application of new tape to the extension piece, not putting it back onto the head).

Hair Extension Specialist

Hair Stylist

Relax and be pampered while I bring my mobile hairdressing service to your home.